Full Name
Iffat Chaudhry
Job Title
Bid Manager
Involve Visual Collaboration

Iffat is the Bid Manager for UK AV integrator Involve Visual Collaboration, supporting new and existing business opportunities across a diverse portfolio of public and private sector product and service offerings.  Whilst studying for her MA in Leadership (2018, UCL), Iffat had the opportunity to study organisational culture, and the use of humanistic approaches to promote healthy and productive work approaches and contexts. Her interest in enabling learning environments at work, forged with coaching and the use of motivational models such as Herzberg’s, has created a passion for championing equity across the AV industry. Iffat has in recent years become an active member of the Twitter #AVTweeps and has enjoyed collaborating with colleagues from across the pond. In February 2022, Iffat launched the videocast ‘WhatIff’ spotlighting diversity, inclusivity and equity issues in the AV industry on YouTube.

Iffat Chaudhry