Full Name
Erica Williams
Job Title
Manager, AV & Collaboration
Henderson Engineers
Erica Williams is the Manager of AV and Collaboration for Henderson Engineers, a building systems engineering design firm based in Kansas City. Responsible for managing all things audio visual for this nationwide firm with 12 offices and more than 70 conference rooms, Erica rarely has a free moment – especially since the firms shifted their 800+ employees to fully remote in mid-March, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. An IT professional for more than 7 years, Erica’s passion for keeping people connected and engaged is what drives her each day. Her contributions and unique perspective on keeping people and teams collaborative, especially in a virtual environment, makes her an indispensable asset. Erica has spoken as a guest on several industry podcasts and has regularly worked with professional organizations as well as Henderson’s industry partners to support their AV needs during this pandemic.
Erica Williams