Full Name
Paul Fleuranges
Job Title
Board Member
Digital Signage Federation
Paul Fleuranges is a performance-driven corporate communications management specialist and operations leader demonstrating expertise in development of innovative communications and marketing campaign strategies for digital media and print. He is a collaborative leader specializing in content creation for digital signage, driving engaging user experience designs and setting direction for high performing teams in strategic marketing engagement. Paul helps to cultivate dynamic storytelling and reporting excellence utilizing traditional and digital communications, strategically customizing communications strategies, implementing best practice technology initiatives, reducing costs, elevating organizational performance.

Understanding the nexus of location, messaging and technology, Paul managed the development of the transit industry’s landmark On the Go Travel Station program, the first in system Nielsen rated place-based digital interactive kiosk network. This innovative program provided customers in the subway system with access to real-time agency trip planning and other rider tools. In his role as Vice President for Corporate Communications he oversaw content creation, user interface design and the public-private partnership responsible for the deployment of the units throughout the New York City Subway system. In 2016 Paul also led the efforts to deploy the FYI Network, an internal communications digital screen network that pushes messages to employees stationed at administrative, bus and subway facilities. In addition Paul orchestrated the development of an anti-sexual harassment web portal and reporting system for riders and managed all external marketing messaging for the agency, including the popular Courtesy Counts campaign which featured the agency's viral "Bubble People".

Paul is a Board Member of the Digital Signage Federation (DSF), where he sits on the Executive Committee, as well as a Board Member of the Federation for internet Alerts (FIA).
Paul Fleuranges